Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove your third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth. These teeth typically appear (erupt) in your late teens to early 20s. For some, wisdom teeth erupt normally with no problems, while others never develop wisdom teeth at all. However, many of us develop impacted wisdom teeth, which happens when the teeth do not have room to grow.

The impacted wisdom tooth may grow at an angle damaging neighboring teeth or may be trapped within the jawbone. This can result in pain, infection and other dental problems. Tooth decay and cysts can develop as well as other teeth may shift to make room for the erupting molar resulting in the need of orthodontic treatment.

Often times, wisdom teeth can be removed before they are impacted to prevent future issues. Your oral surgeon will take x-rays to determine which treatment plan is best for you.

Surgical Extractions

There are many instances where a tooth cannot be repaired and the best recourse is removing it. Sometimes this may be due to a filling or crown not being effective because of an accident or extensive decay or teeth that have tissue or bone loss caused by periodontal disease. It is also not unusual to have one or more teeth extracted prior to orthodontic treatment if a patient has considerable crowding.

Full Mouth Extractions

Our doctors understand that making a decision about tooth extraction and especially full-mouth extraction can be a difficult one. Our team is commited to helping you eliminate your anxiety and work with you to create a solution that will make you comfortable and confident.

Cases that include severe tooth decay, infections or abscesses, fractured or broken teeth or gum disease may. Many times pain and other chronic problems are resolved after a full mouth extraction. Once we have decided that full-mouth extraction is necessary, we’ll create a step-by-step plan for what we can do to restore your smile following the procedure. Many times, removable or implant-retained dentures provide the ideal solution for patients needing full-mouth extractions.

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